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best dateing games

best dateing games

The next instalment on this list of the best dating sims, Hooked on You , is one for all the Dead by Daylight fans out there. Watch a 5 minute game-play video. Dating Sim Trash. Stardew Valley hands players their own farmland that they must work hard to get back into shape. Go on dates, give gifts, and resolve requests to win favour with your faves, but remember that at the end of every episode, you'll be giving a black rose to one contestant who then leaves your game for good! Everyone seems at least partially willing to be your friend, but romantic flavor-text tends to creep in toward the higher levels of your friendships to imply a more sensual connection. There is also an above-average soundtrack and surprisingly decent game art, and you can earn in-game currency by watching ads instead of buying it.

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