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dating somali girl

dating somali girl

First I tried the traditional way of hooking with a Somali girl in the shisha places and the night clubs,I had no success so tried speeding dating, this was not very successful as no Somali women ever try speed dating. Unrecorded Date to xirsi first of all bro, i live in one of the biggest cities in north america which abviously alot of somalis reside. Skeerso booco aayaa ku hayso bro. Guys don't get offended cause thats reality, its hard to find dicent educated somalian man thats all, and to all the sisters if you find a dicent muslim men go for them because allah said all muslim people are brothers and sisters no matter what ethnic background they came from. You have contributed to my success as a writer. Unrecorded Date Liiban on your first post you acted as if your Shiikh and the second one you talking about muslim girl's pussy And for that reason, let those girls do the same.

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