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does dipper ever dated wendy

does dipper ever dated wendy

In "Double Dipper," Dipper makes a complicated, step-by-step list to help himself impress Wendy at the ticket stand when Stan sets up a party at the Mystery Shack. Episode Despite his apparent insanity and stereotypical hillbilly demeanor, Old Man McGucket is a technical mastermind, capable of creating massive, complex animatronics and a skilled chemist. This rejection of himself creates internal emotional conflict that reveals itself when Dipper, tasked by the Manotaurs to murder the Multibear in order to prove his manliness, discovers he has more in common with the Multibear than the Manotaurs. Dipper may think that Pacifica is a better person since the Northwest haunting, but probably still not someone he would want to be dating. They finally were able to stop the members and wiped their memories instead, and McGucket regained his memories, revealing himself to not be the author after all. As an adventurer, Dipper has trouble sitting still and is always looking for riddles to solve, leaving him restless in mundane situations.

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