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how tall is wonder woman in the comics

how tall is wonder woman in the comics

DC Series. Top Battles Temporarily turned off. Looking at some scenes in Justice League specifically from Starcrossed , Wonder Women looks to be just about the same size as Batman if not slightly shorter by like an inch or two. Wonder Woman declared she would take Nemesis' place and be the new wielder of the Flashing Blade, but would also be it's last wielder, as she broke it over her knee. In your opinion, is a Transformers live-action movie inspired by the Car Robots in Disguise cartoon possible, impossible, likely or unlikely and why? As Nemesis died, armor reminiscent of the armor in her first vision covers Diana, and the truth of Nemesis's words sink is, as she feels the pain of the unjustly killed that had driven Nemesis mad over thousands of years and filled her with her terrible strength. Remember Me?

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