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local lesbian dating apps

local lesbian dating apps

Their whole thing is that the app is "without dudes" but I'm not sure where this leaves trans men and trans masculine people, Also the name, which FYI is play on the word scissor, aka a hugely debated sex position in the community, is a bit of a head scratcher. You are a. Join for Free or. In the wider world, some people need to be more courteous with how they treat others, and some are still positively bigoted. I have zero problems meeting up with people on taimi and in the days when I had grindr no trouble there either, and I think I have met both more cisgender females and trans on both of those sites, strangely enough. Unlike some of the other apps, Lesly claims to put all profiles through a rigorous verification process to weed out any scammers or fakers. Sapphic dating FAQ.

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