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nadine nunya redhead dating

nadine nunya redhead dating

When a child runs into a street and gets hit by a car, no one blames the design of the street. When my grandchildren came along I took them to Kings Island and I put the littlest on a saftey leach because I knew if he got away I would never be able to catch up with him…People use them to protect the dogs, so I think as much of my grandchildren as they do their dogs…Do what you have to do…It only takes a second for something to happen…. My son and I were just discussing this today, who among us has not lost their child even for a split second and thank got nothing happened. I must admit when I first heard of this I too began to think the worst , however I read many articles on this and after remembering trips to the zoo and many other public areas , yes it can happen to ANYONE even perfect parents. And no parent is perfect we are all human and things happen no matter how safe you are. The only fault is that of the zoo who has wild animals living out of their natural habitat and in captivity, which is the biggest crime of all. And zoos are some of the leading organisations fighting animal cruelty, exploitation, habitat destruction.

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