which queer eye guys are dating / Who Is the Queer Cast Dating? See Who the Fab 5 Are Married & Engaged To

which queer eye guys are dating

which queer eye guys are dating

Of course, we know Antoni has recently been surrounding himself with the Swift squad , alongside recently single celebs like Sophie Turner and Hugh Jackman. And there you have it — all five of the Queer Eye guys have their own separate romantic pasts and presents. The series was renewed for a second season that aired on June 15, The sparks were instant for the two. In June , the series was renewed for a fourth and fifth season. For those not caught up on the Queer Eye gang's personal lives, Porowski is engaged to his boyfriend of three years, Kevin Harrington. Karamo helps him understand how many good qualities he has, and that the only person saying bad things about him is himself.

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